Russia will take revenge for the cruiser "Moskva": the Ukrainian military warns of possible threats


The defeat of the russian missile cruiser Moskva hit the enemy's ambitions hard, and he will take revenge. This was stated during a briefing by the head of the joint coordination center of the Security and Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, Captain 1st Rank Natalia Humeniuk, Ukrinform reports.

"The situation in the south of Ukraine is tense. The defeat of the cruiser "Moskva" hit not only the ship's composition, it hit the imperial ambitions of the enemy. Of course, we all realize that we will not be forgiven. We have claims, there are attacks, in particular, missile strikes that took place this night in the south of Ukraine, "she said.

The Ukrainian military has not yet disclosed the details of the special operation to defeat the cruiser, saying that the information is still being verified.

"A special operation was carried out to attack the ship group. The flagship of the russian fleet, the cruiser Moskva, is really impressed. Quite symbolically. The hit detonated ammunition and began a struggle for survival. We watched other ships try to help, but even the forces of nature were on the side of Ukraine, the storm did not allow to conduct a rescue operation or evacuate the crew" - said Humeniuk.

According to her, enemy attacks will intensify. It will be both missile attacks and artillery shelling.

"We do not rule out a landing operation. We are ready, we resist, we are aware of the threats. For the enemy, this is a great loss, including financial and image. We are in a hybrid war, and the impact on consciousness is also important" - added the Head of the Joint Coordination Center of the Security and Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine.

Now shelling of Mykolaiv proceeds, the enemy again uses the cluster shells forbidden by the international conventions. In general, the situation in Mykolaiv and Kherson regions is characterized by the fact that the enemy has units among the local population, civilian infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, yards of local residents), disappears from these positions at night, goes abroad and fires at them, blaming the Armed Forces in the fact that they allegedly chase the civilian population.

As reported, the cruiser of the russian Black Sea Fleet "Moskva" as a result of a strike by the Ukrainian anti-ship missile system "Neptune" received significant damage. Subsequently, the russian Defense Ministry reported the sinking of the cruiser.

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